Scribbling on walls is not an act of recent days. But people long ago used to scribble on the  wall when there was no paper. But now people use it as a decorative piece in the home. People love to put letters, words and phrases on the walls of their home. Wall letters  can be of different material like wood, ply, sticker, paint, plastic, etc.  Wall letters is also used in schools especially in kindergarten section. This makes children learn quickly and easily as well as making learning fun.  Apart from this, wall letters can be used in the room of children for the same purpose. Just like that, love stickers can be used in the bedrooms of the couple.

Some decorative letters can be used in the living room. Same as that some vegetables or fruits name can be put on the walls of the kitchen. Some quotes about life, nature, environment around the garden area.  These wall letters not only gives something to read, but adds an icing layer over the cake to make it more beautiful and attractive as well as something antique to the walls making it more beautiful. Wooden letters can be used in the living room as more furniture is placed there only in general. And with the wooden furniture it compliments and will go with it. And on the other hand, plastic letters can be used for the room of children as they are more in colors and more vibrant and it brings more color to the room just as the nature of the children.