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Buying the right convertible sofa bed

A convertible sofa bed is still considered to be one of the most useful pieces of furniture because it doubles up as a bed without any hassle at all and can be used in the smallest of apartments. It basically is a sofa to a bed built into it. Fitting beneath the sofa cushions, the sofa bed folds in to half and is discretely concealed. When need be, the bed can be pulled out in one swift motion and can be used to give guests at home a more comfortable night.

A convertible sofa bed is a tried and tested way to accommodate guests even in the tiniest of apartments and this is what makes it a popular product in today’s furniture market. While purchasing a sofa bed one needs to keep various things in mind, like the size of the room, the size of the sofa bed, the kind of furniture in the house (in case the furniture needs to be moved to accommodate the bed), to name a few.

In case of a small apartment, one should invest in an Ottoman or a small twin sofa bed as they do not take up much space and are easy to fold and unfold. In case of a larger apartment, one can easily opt for a crate and barrel type sofa bed which is a little larger, both in terms of the sofa and the bed. One should, however, not forget that the key to any good furniture is primarily quality.