Car canopy: The portable shelter for your lovable ride

It is not always possible for you, get a garage made for your vehicle and also you may not be able to afford getting it built, but because of that your vehicle shouldn’t suffer and protecting your vehicle is always a challenge in cases when you have no or limited garage space with yourself. And hence car canopy serves your need without causing big dents in your pockets.

Car canopy is a temporary garage, which is portable and is meant to protect your vehicle from rain, snow and excessive, the heat of the sun. Your vehicle can have serious damage on continuous exposure to sunlight or rains. It also protects the body of the vehicle from UV rays which can cause damage to the surface of the vehicle. Factors like easy installation, affordable prices and durability makes car canopy an ideal choice for protecting vehicles.

 It is available commonly in dimension of 10 x 10 ft and 10x 20 ft.  It is made of polyethylene, metal, steel; aluminum or vinyl and hence is durable in nature. It is powder coated and also comes with 4-6 legs made of steel depending on the size of the canopy. It can be temporary, permanent, full enclosed as per your needs and weather condition at your place. You can select the roof designs and colors as per your choice as well. Alternatively, it can also be used for outdoor or garden parties and get together so it’s multipurpose as well.So decorate the area easily and get best look.