Velvet is a kind of fabric that is woven, tufted and in this fabric the cut threads are evenly distributed and having a short dense pile. This gives it a distinctive feel. The word velvety means something as smooth as velvet. Velvet can be made by two ways, either by using synthetic fibers or through natural fibers.

Velvet fabric when used to make curtains then such curtains will be called as velvet curtains. These curtains are flawless when hanged virtually as well as limits the cold. Velvet curtains are lavish and warm draperies. It even serves as a backdrop feature that gives the surrounding a compliment. Using velvet on curtains we can give it many different looks, like the vintage romance, urban hip or maybe the country casual.

For a living room, space and light is needed in a little more quantity. Light color velvet with reflective décor so that work space looks bright should be opted.  Some crystal work should be there so that it can reflect the light of the curtain and make the room more vibrant.

In the dining room, mixed fabrics can be taken. It provides sophistication. Curtains should be chosen opposite the color of the table cloth, in order to provide it a contrast. Chair seats can also be made from the velvet cloth. This will give a rich look.

Romance has a very strong connection with the velvet fabric, and therefore, it goes hand in hand. Velvet gives a thick and warm feeling and so does the romance. Velvet is a fabric that serves every mood and taste.