Foolproof guide to buy stainless steel kitchen sinks

Foolproof guide to buy stainless steel kitchen sinks

A kitchen sink is basically the heart and soul of a kitchen. If you don’t choose the right kitchen sink for your kitchen then it could spoil the whole looks. Stainless steel kitchen sinks are durable and affordable as well. Here in this article we have covered certain tips for you to buy kitchen sink for your kitchen. Read on to find out more.

Choose right metal gauge

The gauge of a stainless steel kitchen sink is basically the indicator of its strength. You need to choose the right metal gauge while you are selecting kitchen sink. Generally for most of the applications, whether it’s industrial or home, 16 to 18 gauge is the best.

Choose right depth

Choosing the right depth basically depends upon the kitchen sink usage. If you are buying sink for single person use then choose less depth or else for household you need to choose more depth. Generally 9 to 10 inches of sink depth is more than sufficient for average household.

Correct design

This is one of the most important points while choosing kitchen sink for your kitchen. There are several designs of kitchen sinks available in the market so you need to make the right decision. Kitchen sinks that have round edges are easier to clean and look slick as well compared to sinks that have square edges.

Undercoating material

While you buy stainless steel kitchen sinks, make sure it’s coated with the right material. This undercoating regulates the water temperature, protects against condensation and softens noise. In our opinion, the latex spray coating is best for your sink.