French provincial furniture for your house

French provincial furniture dates back to the 1700s when the people of France began their fancy with elaborate furniture to decorate their estates and chateaus. It is a very luxurious style that is not only rich to see but is also seen as a warm and welcoming style. The decorative luxury that it emulates is the prime reason as to why such furniture became popular.

French provincial furniture can be made out of a variety of materials – marble, wood, wrought iron – and the best part about this furniture is that in France, not only did the richer society adorn their houses with this but so did the poorer fold who had furniture made out of timber and stone, which only added a more rustic appeal to their houses. This style works best with soft tones and linen beddings because of the glorious look that comes out when they are put together.

If one wants to create a sophisticated and elegant look, indulging in the French furniture would be the apt way to go. Colors that one might go for would include ivory, taupe, grey, white and other restrained tones. The best examples of provincial furniture are the chandeliers, both simple and elaborate, heavily worked upon mirrors and moldings. One might also consider adding a fireplace or an elegant bookshelf because each French provincial home is known to showcase ornate detail. Such furniture can also be used to add a vintage look to one’s house. The best part about such furniture is that one need not have a huge house to showcase this style. There are many options available even for houses that are pressed for space.