Home designs with small chandeliers

A chandelier is a type of decorative lighting that is usually fixed on the ceilings. Chandeliers give an exquisite and alluring look to the house. Chandeliers were being used in homes from olden days and they are still being used in the current home designs and are quite popular. Chandeliers are seen in different sizes and designs. Both small chandeliers and large chandeliers are used according to the properties of the room.

They usually contain more than one lamp which gives a decorative look to the room. They illuminate the room in a beautiful manner by reflecting and refracting the light from the lamp. They are usually made using glass and metals and scatters light all over the room. In the olden days, candles were used in chandeliers before the invention of electric bulbs. By the 1890s, electric bulbs replaced candles and gas lamps in chandeliers.

Nowadays, Home designers use small chandeliers to give a statement making look to the home. They suit both modern as well as traditional architecture. Their height and structure makes every eye turn up in the room. Colour and crystals are used in chandeliers to make them look even more appealing. The brilliant sparkle emitted by chandeliers is definitely a beautiful sight one must enjoy. Chandeliers are used in most parts of the house. They can be fixed in hallways, master bedrooms, bathrooms etc. A wide variety of chandeliers are available in the market nowadays to customise your home according to your tastes and interests.