How to choose a chandelier lampshade

So you have chosen out a beautiful chandelier lamp for you home. But how much did you think about the shade that it should adorn? The right lampshade can change the whole atmosphere while a wrong choice can spoil the whole looks. Choosing the right chandelier lamp shades can take some time and thinking. So you need to understand the whole process and decide accordingly. Here in this article we have provided certain tips for you so that you can make right decision.


It’s a general practice to choose a lampshade that’s two by three the height of the base. You need to make sure that the lamp you choose shouldn’t look bottom or top heavy. The lamp that you choose should not reveal underneath stuff, such as wires or harp.


You need to decide upon the shape of your lampshade well in advance. If the bottom is round, it will look most excellent with a round shape. And in case if the bottom is angular or square, make sure you choose the square shape, so that it goes well with the ambiance as well.


You also need to decide that where you are going to put you lampshade. If the table that you are putting your lampshade is round, then go for circular lampshade. You need to choose the right chandelier lamp shades so that it goes well with the ambiance of your place.


Choose the right width for your lampshade, as you don’t want to bump into it every time you walk into the room. The widest area of the lampshade should be half inch wider on each side, this is the generic rule.