Yellow being the most luminous color among the spectrum, captures the attention of every eye more than any other color. This color resonates the logical side of the brain and stimulates brain as well as creating perception and mental agility. The psychology behind  using the yellow color is to uplift and illuminate, to offer new hopes, a sense of happiness and cheerfulness everywhere. Yellow proves to be a source of original thoughts as well as inquisitiveness. It is a color of new ideas and new ways to do things. It as color of practical thinker and not the dreamer.

Using the yellow color while opting for the sofa is the best choice one can ever have in its living room.  Yellow sofa will fill the height of enthusiasm in life and can even give the spirit of more confidence and optimism too. It will prove to be a challenge, especially the mental challenge.

The Yellow sofa  if chosen, will definitely be going to a source of great communication and people around will love to talk. Using yellow sofa in the living room will not only help you in analyzing your decision making skills but at the same time it will entertain and can be the clown because of the it nature. Most of the time people sit and have worked in the living room only and using the yellow sofa there will help in the decision making and will also relate to the clarity in thoughts and ideas. It will also help in focusing the facts and to recall the information.