image of: kraftmaid maple kitchen cabinets GRSMKVH
image of: kraftmaid maple kitchen cabinets GRSMKVH

Matching Maple Kitchen Cabinets with Your Kitchen Setting

Your kitchen with maple kitchen cabinets offers you a top class natural look that lasts for long in the minds. You have fixed these cabinets for all the good and now you are up to completing the other details of your kitchen. Actually this is a tough part and not easy as still your main concern is not over. You have to create an environment in the kitchen that is matching and responsive.

First, let us discuss about the countertop options. Dark colors especially black goes well with maple kitchen cabinets. Contemporary kitchens look classy with this option. If you have chosen light color cabinets, the dark contrast of the countertop is the best trendy idea.

Coming to the floor style, go for laminated floor in the same light shade of your cabinets. This can throw a look of mix & match in your kitchen. But another idea is to keep your countertop light in shades of brown and go for dark floor lamination. These little changes in color are classy and suitable.

Your island and other furniture like tables and chair in the kitchen needs to be in natural wood and if you can find them in maple and in same paint shade, that would be a great option. And for the wall paint of your kitchen, keep it white or cream without any doubt of its chic look. This light wall paint throws a bright reflection on the environment and keeps the whole kitchen in its best illumination day and night!