Traditional bath tubs were a little risky for the aged people or the one who have some kind of mobility issues with them. Many times various mishaps had taken place while entering and exiting the bath tubs. Walk in bath tubs are the solution to this problem. It has nullified all the shortcomings that were there in the bathtub. These special tubs have doors attached to them that open and close. They provide a seating chair as well. They typically are equipped with a door that opens and closes on the front or may be the side of the bath tub. The door let you get in the tub without facing the difficulty of lifting up the leg in the air as it was there in the traditional bath tubs.

Due to sealing on these doors, water stays back and floor doesn’t get flooded. They are tubs are well equipped with fast draining capacities an because of this, users does not need to sit for too long to drain the water. Walk in tubs  requires professional for getting installed. They include a number of features, bubble jets, which are adjustable, handrails, inside the tub seating and adjustable shower heads are provided with these tubs.

Apart from the safety purpose they are better than traditional bath tubs on the basis  of space. These new walk in bath tubs acquires less space as compared to traditional bath tubs. Because of its features they are more accessible than traditional tubs. These tubs prevent the danger of slipping. Texture pads help in keeping the head above water.