Vanity mirror are very expensive when go for buying it. No other mirror will give you as accurate glimpse as the vanity mirror gives. It is basically used for the make up as it shows you even the smallest area very clearly. For makeup, diffused and ambient light is needed. No shadows should be highlighted on the face that time and the vanity mirror projects direct light on the face which makes it ambient and hence no shadow can be formed on the face. The basic principle while using the vanity mirror that we should keep in our mind is that, we should look straight into the mirror letting the light hit directly on the face at one perfect angle. For personal daily use a handheld mirror can also be used. Warm white bulb is used as it gives the exact picture with no change in the color of the skin. Otherwise yellow light gives a pale look to the skin.

It is basically a type of mirror to check your appearance, makeup and how you do your hair. In short, it makes you look your best. Not being the only function, they also add attraction and decor item to your home. They come in different shape, size and frame, sometimes frame less too. Some have lights on either side to give the best reflection. It can even be used in bathroom as a cabinet stand under the sink area. In fact this is the mirror that is widely used in the home and among the most of the families. No matter then it is while brushing the teeth or combing your, or applying make-up or cream, vanity mirror is only used for all the purposes needed to be done with a reflection.