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Setting Prefect Living Room Theaters

Setting Prefect Living Room Theaters

Having a theater at home is an added luxury. Enjoying an eventful movie in the comfort of your home is something to look forward. Setting living room theaters in our modern age is becoming common fast. The well-to-do families’ priority is to arrange in their home a living room theater. Choice of the setting differs greatly as everyone has his own idea of comfort and luxury. You can have the set up done in any way that soothes your eyes but always set it in a way that is highly comfortable for sitting and watching movies.

Often the sofa and seating option is arranged facing the big screen. This is the practical way of setting your room. You can arrange the angle of sofa differently if that means more comfort to you. The curtains on the windows and floor rug color shades are important for living room theaters. These reflect the light if they are too bright which is not comfortable when you are watching a movie or match. Choosing heavy fabric with a bit darker or deeper shades keeps the environment soothing for your nerves.

Keep the screen in front of the eyes on the same level where your vision comfortably falls. Do not keep it higher though a little as it can be painful for your neck muscles. A couple of feet or lesser from the ground is sufficient for a huge screen but if the screen is comparatively smaller, raise it another feet. While you watch, turn off the lights that are on the both sides and top of the screen.

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