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Shaggy Rug Adds Warmth in Your Living Room

Shaggy Rug Adds Warmth in Your Living Room

The name tells you well what we are up to. We are introducing shaggy rugs. They come in three different sizes of shag. One is long, second is medium and third is mini or small shag. The cuddly thick pile of the rug looks luxurious and warms your environment but you need to know where it suits in your room. An area where family gathering is frequent shaggy rug makes a great choice. But in dining room it does not suit but looks inappropriate.

Your choice in shaggy rugs is not limited. You have so many options in colors, textures and styles to choose from that you can come up with the best suitable option. Patterned shaggy rugs do not let the texture of pile to appear bold and that is the reason why most of the home owners choose plain rugs. They complement the room with their prominent pile, and thickness of their texture warms the environment.

With their funky appeal and easy to clean feature wool and cotton rugs are more popular choice. Wool makes a more luxurious choice as it is warmer and softer than cotton. Buying a grassy-patch-like rug for your living room can be fun. You can choose a really green rug for a great eye illusion. And with cushions and bolster pillows covered in big floral and green leafy printed fabric, you can make your living room a “garden.” The idea is fantastic. Check out at stores and shops how you can make it happen in your living room.

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