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Small Corner Sofas Designs

Small corner sofas are great to be used in small spaces, it is designed to be exactly fitted to the corner. It is designed to be at minimum size, so it can fit to even the smallest corner it is. The sofa has to parts with a square angel, and it can seat two or three persons max. If one person is laying on it, then it will not fit to any other person beside him. Every aspect that is applied to the normal sized sofa is there in the corner one, only the size of it is different. They are so popular amongst youth and people who live alone, it is also very successful in apartments with roommates; where you might need a small sofa in your own room.

Why Was It Created?

The need for the small corner sofas started in the late 80s, where standard size for the new apartments was reduced. Furniture industry took the hit quite well, as they reduced the sizes of all their products including sofas. After that period, small sofas has become very successful even in spacious places. Some people even started using small sofas as individual decorating items, where you put one in any cornerfor the sake of decoration and not for being sat on. Most furniture manufacturers now create two sizes of any sofa they design, so that it may be used for both purposes.