A bedroom gets complete only when the proper furniture is placed at right place and such a room will be called as a bedroom well equipped with vintage furniture. When there are nightstands perfectly paced with a lamp or two on either side of the bed. Wooden table tops should be big enough for the necessary items that are always required on the bedside like lamp, the alarm clock, glasses and the water jug with a glass. It should be big enough to keep all these things easily. It should not give a messy look. And if, it is uncluttered table top then there should be a provision of drawer or rather than that a shelf offering storage for the books, pens, note pad, TV remote control as well as some emergency things like candle and matchsticks. Keeping the additional display in mind photographs with a vase of flower can be put on the racks. Wall mount shelves can be hanged against the wall. The vintage looking shelves will bring more beauty to the bedroom. Nesting tables can be kept beside the night stand or along the nearby wall. If there is any kind of shortage on the ground of space then floating shelves should be kept as an option instead of tables.

Narrow candlestick lamps and fixtures that are mounted on wall like swing arm lamps will give it a class look and the a picture of perfectly acquired vintage bedroom furniture. Chords can be hired if you can’t wire lights through wall. Twig lights at the corner of the room will give the warmth to the room. Using red velvet curtain will increase the romance level in the room