Walls are the lips of the house. They tell us a lot about the house, the people living there.  Bright colors, if used on the wall gives a vibrant and lively look. They speak abut the enthusiasm and the desire of people living there. If a featured iconic wallpaper is added to it, then it gives an ethnic look at the same time. Such wallpapers show the art and designer that is there in the people living in that house.  If some rustic reclaimed wood is used for the wall décor then it can be the best thing. This makes the wall look antique.  To decorate a wall with creative ideas, a big windowless wall can be the perfect. Because we can add everything to its full extent and can use every inch of it fully.

Wall paintings and wall letters should be used in a good combination. Wall letters if placed perfectly with the right color choice and right texture makes it perfect for the wall. A perfect one wall can be given for the photo frames. Photos of all family members can be put on that wall. In the center we can out an oversized photo to make it as a center attraction. For the same we can put the full family photo. Texture plants if used on wallpaper will make the room more green and will give the touch of environment and greenry. Using maps on the wall through wallpaper gives a look of explorer hidden inside you. These are some unique ways to add color to the walls.