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The most beautiful experience of living in a Pink bedroom

Pink is said to be girl’s color and hence girls are very keen on having pink colored stuff, wearing pink clothes etc. But these days girls wish to have a complete pink bedroom. Yes, they get is designed like this so that each and every item of their bedroom represent some or the other shade of pink. Right from the color of the walls, to the curtains and wardrobes everything is matched to be pink.

Floral prints in pink color make up the curtains usually or the bed sheets to give the room an integrated look. Wardrobes are made with pink colored laminates in some sort of texture to give it that raw and natural look. The walls can be simple uniformly toned pink colorized or can be made more attractive using some wallpaper or some textured paint designs depending on the budget from person to person. Vintage furniture which is red in color or slightly fade red with tone of pink can also work very well in the bedroom. The design of ceiling with pink as the base color and gold or silver lining can give a classy look to the roof.

The color pink symbolizes cheer, joy and happiness and so gives a positive vibe to the room. It energizes the space. Pink bedroom gives an impression about your personality, speaks out your emotions behind it. The room as a whole casts a soft pink glow to the eyes of a person seeing it which is very amazing experience.