To maintain the aesthetic and the practical effect, lighting, as well as lamination is deliberately used. Lighting can be done by two ways viz., artificial lighting and natural lighting. Artificial lighting can be done by using the lamps and light fixtures that are basically the artificial sources to them. And on the other hand natural resource can be daylight and it can be captured by windows, skylights or light shelves. They even sometime used as the main source of light and even reduces the consumption level in many areas where it is practiced. Proper lighting not only enhances the task performance, but also improve the appearance of an area. They even have a positive psychological impact on the inhabitants of people there. Indoor lighting is generally done by the fixtures specially designed for the lighting purpose and is even a part of interior design.

Providing a vintage look to the lighting technique is called vintage lighting.  Vintage means the old, unique and antique designer technique that involves a huge cost now days. Using the old lighting fixtures for the lighting purpose will enhance the structure. This not only gives the light as its basic nature, but also adds to the interior decoration on antique ground. This gives a rich look to the room. Even for the natural light vintage glass panels can be used for windows. The vintage doors and windows combined with vintage light fixtures give a luxurious and rich look. And hence using such techniques for the lighting is known as vintage lighting