In a kitchen which is designed in the shape of alphabet U is commonly known as U shaped kitchen. In such a kitchen, shape can be tailored according to the space available, it means one can alter the size of u. The most important thing that should be in mind in case of the U shaped kitchen is their storage space and the generous work top available. It means there is a lot of scope of flexibility for room while designing them. There can be a lot of variations and possibilities that can be achieved with this layout. Appliances can be kept at one side in the U shaped kitchen. This will look more elegant and will provide a clean tidy look also. The central section of the kitchen can be well utilized by the utensils. Various drawers can be made in the center for various cookware and utensils making it a little modular kitchen. Since all the utensils are positioned at one end and hence, is not creating any mess around the kitchen. This means the spectacular harbor views are not obstructed and the appliances are easy to reach at the same time.

In such a kitchen that is in U shape, it becomes most important to figure out the pantry area as it can create a mess when there are more than one cook in the kitchen. In order to avoid such a situation bi-fold doors should be provided and this will not obstruct the way. Such kitchens have proved to be the modular kitchen that are in trend these days.