margot midnight blue velvet sofa FYKZIAP
margot midnight blue velvet sofa FYKZIAP

Velvet Sofa for Your Improved Living Room Environment

If you have not added a velvet sofa in your living room, you have not yet experienced the real modish environment in your home. The simplest of the velvet covering brings the top best flair for your sofa and you experience a sort of soft and comfy luxury which is not possible with any other fabric. Whether flowery or plain, velvet never loses its aura in any form. Its touch is lovely and it looks exclusive!

Often the dark colors are the best options in a velvet sofa as they brightly show off the glare of the fabric. Brown, red, green and blue are most chosen shades but you can pick purple too for a more lively impression at home.

Adding cushions on velvet sofa is an extra comfort. It is all about your sofa’s personality that gets more expressive and detailed with cushions.  With velvet sofas do not go for a different fabric cushions. They would spoil the velvety aura of your sofas. Get velvet cushions not necessarily in the same color; contrasting with cushions is a popular way of easy decoration.

Colors can often help you determine what sort of theme you want to bring in your living room. Red velvet sofa is the most suitable color for vintage living room theme. With red flowery carpet, vintage paintings on the walls, red velvet curtains and may be a couple of red pendent lights you can create a killing vintage living room. But wait! It may look highly romantic, too. Are you prepared for that?