Bookshelves are a place to keep the books and when these shelves are mounted on wall then it becomes the wall bookshelves. It is said that paper books are so old and last century thing these days. But if you are a person who loves book will go for haunting bookstores and would love to buy books with your sack full. And at that time you are in need to store your relics on some vintage shelving. If you have become digitized as per the trend these days then foe you the need of shelves is limited mere for the decoration purpose and for displaying objects.

Generally it has horizontal shelves. They are used in private homes, universities, public areas and even the bookstores. Bookshelves may come up with a glass door. This arrangement is made only to avoid dust. Bookshelves come up in many materials like plastic wood or steel but wall bookshelves are generally made up of wood as books are heavy and need a firm base that can handle its weight. Many bookshelves come up with the feature of adjustable shelves. People prefer keeping the valuable books under the locked cases and for such books people prefer buying wall bookshelves that have a panel to cover it from front also. It is also known as bookcase. Bookshelves also vary in the size and the space between the two shelves and come in many varieties as per the accordance. Till date wooden wall bookshelves have been the best for keeping the books.