wall shelving functional and stylish wall-to-wall shelves | hgtv PCIHXNU
wall shelving functional and stylish wall-to-wall shelves | hgtv PCIHXNU


A horizontal plane that has a flat surface and is used to hold back the items kept to display is known as a shelf. Any such shelf that has been hanged on wall is known as wall shelves. Now a days wall shelving has become so popular and is no longer restricted to keeping the things of value. It is also used an item of decoration. Earlier only rectangular shelves were in trend, but now we get almost all kinds of shapes and designs. The length of the shelves is determined by the space limitations. Adjustable shelves are also in the market these days.

The best way to keep the perfect hanging wall shelves is that they should not be wider than 1.3 x 1.2 bracket sizes in width and height respectively. If  a long shelf is desired, the space between the brackets should be about 4 in breadth and between each bracket. This will provide the perfect space for the normal materials to be kept.

The material of the wall and the material through which shelves are made acts as a deciding factor while choosing the length and the size of the screw to be used for holding the shelf to the wall. The shelf will perfectly stand and hang firmly on the wall if the screw used at least one tenth the width of the shelf. Otherwise braces can be used to hang the shelves on the wall.

wall shelving has become so common these days and people prefer to have the in their living area atleast as a decorative item.