Window drapes- the best window coverings

Window drapes- the best window coverings

Drapes are the things that are typically lined and floor length, often attached by hooks to a traverse rod. Drapes are typically pleated, though not always and offer a much fuller, richer look. This affects how much room they take up when fully opened. So, if your window or sliding glass doors have minimal wall space around it, you may want to consider window drapes which take up less room.

As for fabrics, drapes have many choices and are varied. You can dress-up your window for formal look with fabrics like silk dupioni, velvet, faux dupioni or, you can also dress-down with linen and cotton. There are solid colors, prints, plaids, stripes or sheer fabrics. So, when it comes to interior decorating, drapes are one of the best window treatment choices available.

When it comes to window drapes there are a few more options available that will affect the appearance.

1, French pleats, also known as pinch pleats is the traditional look for drapes with a three-finger grouping of fabric that is pinched a few inches below the top of the drape.

  1. Inverted pleat, where the pleats come together at the top of the drape instead of flare-out like the French pleat.
  2. 3. Grommet style drapes come with built in rings which are sewn into the fabric at the top of the drape.
  3.  Rod pocket style, drapes has a pocket sewn into the top of the drape that receives the cross rod.

So, when it comes to window coverings, drapes are the best option.