Your go-to guide on buying a runner rug

Your go-to guide on buying a runner rug

The most used area of one’s home would always be the hallway. You may even lose count on how many times you step into your hallway.

With such a rigorous schedule on its hand, the hallway goes through constant wear and tear on the flooring. How can we counter these wear and tear of the floor? How can we add the durability to these flooring?

Lay your demons to sleep as you won’t be needing them after this solution. Opt for a runner rug to protect your hallway and add décor to it. Not just the hallway, you can associate runner rugs with any narrow flooring like gallery, kitchen or even the stairs. But hallway makes a pleasant sight for runner rugs.

We shall give you a complete rundown on how to buy yourself a runner rug. Here we go.

  • Look for the right measurement
  • You would never want to bring a runner rug that doesn’t match to the measurement of your hallway.
  • Go through a thorough examination of your hallway, measure out the flooring size. Look for the length and the width range required for you.
  • Opt for good fit one. Get a good grasp of your dimensions and work your search according to it.
  • Look for the right grade of materials
  • The materials used in the making of the rug determines its shell life, its purpose and its value.
  • There are different material constituent available for your runner rug. Decide on the purposes you’d be needing a runner rug for and select the material grade as per it.
  • You may opt for jute or grass as natural fibers or the synthetic ones. One thing synthetic are more beneficial is for the water resistant properties.
  • The pattern and color
  • You wouldn’t want your runner rug to be ill-fitting with your hallway décor, do you?
  • Opt for the one that goes a good fit with your hallway or gallery. Balance out the color as per the high-low trajectory. You may want to use a darker tone of runner rug to give a cleaner and richer feel.
  • Runner rugs come in different patterns and designs. You should look for your existing setup of your hallway or gallery and decide on a pattern for runner rugs. Some runner rugs feel quite quirky and ill-suited for your hallway.
  • Your interiors come in handy when deciding on a runner rug. Look to compliment your furnishing and spacing of the hallway or gallery.