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Your Trendy White Living Room

Your Trendy White Living Room

Depicting peak of neatness and panache, white living room is one of the best options in the modern homes. The entire setting of the living room is kept within the realms of white hue. The curtains, wall paint, furniture with its entire upholstery, décor items, floor lamp, bookshelf, floor-rug and other minor details are all chosen in white shade. Your choice for white is a classy option and also trends these days admit to the fact that white makes the real eye soothing setting of your living room.

You can start with your living room setting from the furniture. Get white polished furniture with white upholstery. The best thing about white setting is that you can choose big furniture sets as white keeps the space looking wide. With pure plain white curtains you may face one problem and that is maintaining the best décor of the room. With curtains you can choose white lace and accentuate the curtains in many different styles.  If you have a liking of embroidery, go for white silk embroidered cushions on the sofa. Apart from fancy white fabric for the sofa covers, these embroidered cushions can add flair to your white living room.

Floor rug can be chosen of a light shade that matches with white like gray or light beige. These shades are not sharply contrasting with white but they blend in with white smoothly. Often pure white rug is not preferred by the homeowners. In this case go for other dull and cool shades in floor-rugs. Keep the visual appeal of your living room high with the right understanding of your specific living style and choice!

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