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5 amazing advantages of parquet flooring

5 amazing advantages of parquet flooring

While a lot of homeowners are unaware about what parquet floorings are, this is guide is created to help them understand this amazing flooring option and what makes it a better choice than other types of flooring.

What is Parquet Flooring?

Parquet flooring is created by many small pieces of hardwood that are arranged in unique patterns. The different pieces can be of different types of wood and different grains as well. The size of the parquet flooring can be as small as a tile and as large as the entire flooring of the room.

Now that you know what parquet flooring is, let us have a look at the different advantages of using parquet flooring.


One of the most common factor that attracts the house owners to parquet flooring is the classy appearance of parquet floors. The modern laminated tiles cannot match with the attractiveness that parquet flooring adds to any room. Moreover, as different pieces of wood are used in their creation, they can easily match with any kind of interiors.


Parquet floors are highly durable and are generally scratch-resistant. As hardwood is used in their construction, they can easily withstand the wear and tear of daily use effortlessly. As a matter of fact, good quality floors can easily last for a minimum of 30 years and even more without requiring any major resurfacing or renovation.


Just like the hardwood flooring, parquet floors are extremely easy to clean. If there is spill, you can easily wipe it away with a mop and the floor will regain its stylish appearance. High quality parquet floors do not generally stain and they don’t even absorb any foul odors.


If you or your family member suffers from allergy, parquet flooring is an excellent option as they are hypoallergenic. Moreover, they are also ideal for homes that have small kids that are prone to allergies caused due to dust. As parquet floors have a smooth surface, allergens and dust are unable to get accumulated on them.

Easy Installation-

Parquet floors come in the form of jigsaw pieces and don’t require a lot of manual labor. Hey fit securely and once done, they will retain their structure over an extended period of time. Moreover, they can also easily withstand multiple resurfacing as they are very thick.

As you can see there are a number of advantages of installing parquet flooring as compared to other common flooring options. Contact a professional today to add a unique touch to your house with parquet floors.