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A four-poster bed to add elegance

A four-poster bed to add elegance

The look and feel of one’s bedroom can change with the kind of bed that it contains. Some might like a low lying bed while some might indulge and get themselves a queen sized bed. The type of the bed will vary according to the style of the interior decor.

A four-poster bed is basically an old fashioned bed with a four- vertical columns, one on each edge of the bed, usually supported with a panel on the top. These beds date back to the 16th century when they were mostly used by royalty. The first of its kind still resides in Crathes Castle. One might have also seen four-poster beds in the popular “Harry Potter” series.

These beds can give any bedroom a dramatic look and are the definition of elegance. However, not every bedroom can suit that look. It is very easy for such beds to overwhelm the size of the room. Hence, before investing in such a bed, one should consider the size of the room, the size of the bed and the amount of free space that will be left after the bed is put in the room else, the entire look of the room will be ruined.

For average sized rooms, one can consider simple, contemporary four-poster beds and for smaller rooms, one can opt for pencil posts or canopy beds that are equally attractive but not as space consuming. Furthermore, such beds are known to be extremely comfortable and classy.