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A low maintenance and relatively cheap way of flooring your house is lino flooring

A low maintenance and relatively cheap way of flooring your house is lino flooring

More often than not houses are well decorated by floors. Without the floor beneath to add to the beauty houses will not feel stylish and chic. Flooring adds to the beauty of houses and also provides additional benefits of increased tenacity and protection against the weather conditions. Many options like ceramic, wood or granite are available for flooring. You need to choose an option which best complements your taste and usefulness.

What is lino flooring?

Linoleum, as is often called lino, is a floor type or covering made from linseed oil, wood, cork powder and ground stone. Linoleum has been available since a very long time, and has been used extensively. Though often confused with vinyl, they both have different characteristics. Lino flooring has a unique quality of recyclability. Partial or full recycling is possible in this case.

Benefits of lino flooring

Lino flooring benefits are many, the most important being, that it has an extended warranty of over twenty five years. Though it can live up to forty too. On the price front also, they are extremely affordable than their counterparts of ceramic, wood and stone. The prices of lino flooring are comparable to that of vinyl flooring. The main reason for its immense popularity is the low maintenance cost that it requires. It hardly requires you to spend anything extra with very little wear and tear.

As they come in a wide variety of options, because they are extremely easy to cut and make, they can be customized according to individual needs. From retro to contemporary to vintage looks, you can play around all you want with lino and get the look that appeals to you the most.

Due to its very hard tenacity and water resistant property they can generally be used in areas of more water usage like the bathroom or the kitchen. If you have children or pets in your house, installing lino flooring is a must.

Disadvantages of lino flooring.

The biggest disadvantage of lino flooring is the difficulty of installing them. These types of floorings require a steady hand to cut and some adhesives. Wrong use of both leads to a sticky situation.  For such floorings it is probably best to seek professional help leading you to waste a little extra money

Stains are quite a common site on lino flooring. This requires periodic re polishing and cleaning them, probably once or twice a year.