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All-Rounder Grey Rugs

All-Rounder Grey Rugs

Contemporary rugs are ideal for modern living spaces as they are styled with minimalist patterns and neutral tones of color, giving a drastically appealing look to your interiors.

The diversity of rugs that are available in the market today makes it tough to choose the best one. One can always browse online or look into interior designing catalogs for inspiration and ideas for the right kind of rug. One thing which is critically important to consider before choosing the perfect rug, is its color. One of the trendiest rugs these days are grey colored rugs.

Grey rugs can either be plain, or have some textures and intricate designs on them, or can simply have a few splashes of different bright colors on them, which makes it look even more attractive. Such rugs are perfect for subtle decors, as any other bright and bold colored rug would only act as a distracting element to your decor. Also, when you already have a lot of designs and colors in your decor, it’s always advisable to go for subtle single colored rugs, like the grey ones. In fact, contemporary grey colored rugs are far more preferable than traditional rugs. Vintage grey has several sub-shades, ranging from sparkly grey to charcoal grey. Most of these grey are well suited for home interiors, and are bound to look gorgeous irrespective of what they are paired with.

To keep your grey rug looking great for years make sure you vacuum your rug once a week, avoid exposing it to sunlight, and clean dark stains immediately with a damp towel.