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All you need to know about hardwood floors

All you need to know about hardwood floors

If you are looking to install hardwood floors in your home, then the one thing that you need to know about this is that you have surely made the right choice! However, it is something that most people completely overlook the advantage of having wooden floors, which includes things beyond their looks and price. So what makes them such a great choice for your home?

Hardwood floors and what makes them a good choice

The first thing that is great about wooden floors is that they last longer than most other floor types. In fact, a hardwood floor can easily last you around a few decades. Wooden flooring is quite durable and can withhold most of your everyday wear and tear. It is also easy to clean and maintain. Any stains that may come on it can be easily removed and cleaned off- something that you will not find with carpets.

Wooden floors are better from a hygiene point of view- especially when you compare them than carpets. Carpets are a storehouse of a host different mites, dirt and allergens. They are also free of any kind of unpleasant odors- something that you will find is a common occurrence in carpets. You can also easily reinstall and change your wooden flooring in case there is any kind of damage to it- something that is quite a hassle with carpets.

What you can do with hardwood floors

The variety and kinds of designs that you can install in hardwood floors is extensive. The kind of finish and species that you use for hardwood can make quite the difference of setting the atmosphere of the whole room. Ash, space and oak floor are the options you can consider if you want a more traditional designing to your home. For a contemporary style, you can use maple that has a monochromatic look, or tigerwood which is quite the exotic choice.

You can get several different kinds of shades, finishing and stains as per your choices. The benefit of choosing hardwood also includes the fact that you can quite easily match floors with the other elements of your room. With a high-gloss and dark stained floor, you will get a more modern look, while mahogany and honey hues can help you get a more traditionalistic feel. With an array of choices in terms of hardwood flooring at your disposal, you will surely find what you want to make the most of your floor designs!