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Carpet Runners – Add Style and Safety to Your Stairs

Amazon.com: Marash Luxury Collection 25' Stair Runner Rugs Stair

Did you ever slip from the stairs? If not, be careful because slipping from stairs is more dangerous than slipping on the floor. One of the best ways to keep your home stairs slip-proof is to use carpet runners. They are a means of style and decor to your home, too. Often stairs are not friendly with sandals and shoes ...

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Folding Mattress Advantages

Amazon.com: Comfort & Relax Memory Foam Folding Mattress Topper Twin

When I first wanted to buy folding mattresses, I searched for their benefits and got very impressive results of my search. People said that they are space saving and very practical for storage.  They also said that if you are a frequent camper or traveler you need to own these mattresses.  But to my surprise, I found these mattresses more ...

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Cool Furniture for Modern Homes

I like cool furniture - Album on Imgur

Vintage or modern?  Metal or chrome? Natural or engineered wood? These questions are commonly asked when one searches for furniture for his home. But there are other choices in furniture where these questions do not work. They are an epitome of innovation. You forget about the ordinary traditional concerns of homeowners when you see these cool furniture pieces. Today we ...

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Dining Chair Slipcovers Advantages for Your Home

Dining Chair Covers & Slipcovers u2013 SureFit

Many people take the wise step of covering their dining chairs with a slipcover. These covers have a ton of advantages. They are to the style of your room as much as they are to the protection of your chairs. Are you still reluctant to choose them for your home? Here are some top advantages of dining chair slipcovers that ...

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Best Closet Shelving Ideas for Your Home

Closet Shelving DIY - I so need to do this to a few of my closets

Do you know what makes a closet special? The shelves make a closet a great option for storing things. The main purpose of the closet is storage and when you ensure that you can store the things in the best organized way you feel at peace with all your belongings. So, when it comes that you make a closet for ...

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Standing Lamps Illuminate Dark Corners at Home

2019 Floor Lamp Crystal Standing Lamps For Living Room Crystal

The assist lighting source at home that does not need any installation of fixation is standing lamps. Just plug them in the outlet and that is all. No matter what is the décor theme of your house, these lamps can be found in a huge variety of colors and designs. The practicality of floor lamps makes them a great option. ...

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Foyer Table for Modern Hall Decor

Farmhouse Console Entryway Foyer Table in 2019 | Living Rooms and

The entryway or hall of your home is often a wide are where you can have the freedom of designing and decorating but it can be tough at times because you do not want to cramp the area with whatever seems suitable to you because this can make the place cramped for receiving the guests. You also do not want ...

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Modern Coffee Tables – the Focal Point of Your Living Room

Copeland Furniture Twist Round Coffee Table - 2Modern

The central place in your living room is the focal point of your room. When you sit with your family or guests and talk and chat, the coffee table is always between you guys. Millions of times everyone gazes at the coffee table and admires its significant features or the decoration ideas. That is why when it comes to buying ...

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Vanity Tops Material to Consider for Your Bathroom

Vanity Tops | Robern

Buying a vanity for your bathroom is not only a wise step but it is also a practical decision. With the decision of getting a vanity, a number of other things must be the focus of your concern. The top is one great part of the whole unit and it is your washing platform. There is the bowl, fixed for ...

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Designer Kitchens for Modern Homes

Designer Kitchens | portsidecle

In your new home, kitchen holds a key position. The modern kitchens are made in a certain way and designed especially to suit the needs of the modern life. You can find a designer for your kitchen set up, style and décor in order to keep up the true picture of your modern kitchen intact. What a modern kitchen looks ...

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