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Baby Cribs with Changing Table and Dresser

Baby Cribs with Changing Table and Dresser

Are you planning a cute nursery for your coming baby? Three main things need your first attention. A baby crib, a changing table, and a dresser. All other details are of secondary importance and you can choose them randomly as you like or as you find them. The dresser, baby crib, and changing table matching properties create harmony in your baby’s room especially when these are separate items.

Should you consider a set that has all three in one formation? Well, this is all about how you would like the room to be decorated but according to experienced moms, The set of three in one formation is more convenient and space friendly. A quite small nursery can be spacious with such a set.

Most of the baby cribs in the following images are three-in-one sets. The variety in colors and designs gives you an insight into the modern options available in the furniture stores.  Take the measurement of your baby’s room before you settle on one set. The ideal set should not take more than one-third of the total available space. You need to leave some space for a chair and a little table, too.

The everlasting dark brown color furniture never becomes old. It looks elegant in all seasons and all trends but you can have other color choices, too. Light brown with mixed shades like one in the last image of the first row is appealing to the eyes. The cool color combination has given the whole set a modern look.

White looks classy and orange looks pleasant. What is your choice?