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Best Formal Living Room Ideas

Best Formal Living Room Ideas

Every house has its own living room, some people even call it the family room; as it gathers almost every family member most of the time. People tend to give extra care for the living room, and consider it the most important place in the house. Actually they are not wrong, you can turn your living room into a very special place, and make it deserve the name family room. One of the things to be done is to use formal living room ideas, which are very great to look at and have it in your house. Formal living rooms need special type of items and decorations, in order to make a difference between a formal and a casual living room.

Merging More Rooms

One of the most used method in formal living room ideas, is to merge more than one room in one big space. Some people prefer to merge the living room with the dining room, which is the most commonly used method. By doing this, you will get more space for both activities that gather the whole family. Another method is to adopt the classic way, which means merging the living room with a big patio place. You can have this patio closed with a big glass door, so that it can be closed in winter but not blocking the view.

Adopting The Classic

Classical look is always admired, and it is considered one of the best scenes in decoration. When we talk about formal living room ideas, we have to mention the classical approach. It simply means using vintage and classical items in our living rooms, like more wood in the furniture. You can also use less rugs and make more floor appear, of course you have to use wood floor in this case. There is also the use of classical fireplace design, and also using brick walls for the fireplace. Ideas are endless, especially if you are going to merge more than one in your living room. Just make sure not to go too far in your decorations, in order to keep it simple.

Using Colors And Items

Of course you can use special items and color mixing while thinking about formal living room ideas, it would be great. If we start with colors, using one color with its variations or two matching colors at maximum is considered classic. People like to mix two colors like black and white, and the outcome is just great. Others prefer to pick one color and get many other colors out of it, like using brown and beige or other variations. There is also the use of small statues and items, which can be really classical and formal.