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Best Wooden Sofa Set Designs

Best Wooden Sofa Set Designs

Sofa sets usually consist of three pieces, two arm chairs and a three persons’ couch. They are made of many materials and have so many designs, but the greatest one of them all is wood. It gives a very nice look to the set, and it has the option of being colored. Wooden sofa set designs are enormous, and based on the factors that can be changed; you will find yourself looking to so many of them. The basic factor of them is the wood type, as there are so many types of wood that can be used to make the sets. There is also the type of making, material and the overall design idea.

Type Of Wood

There are so many types of wood out there, but not every type can be used to create furniture. Wooden sofa set designs need a special type of hardwood, as it will go through many procedures in order to come out as we want. The most famous types of hardwood used in sofa set making are: oak with almost all of its types, maple with its types and mahogany. Each type of them has a distinctive feature from the others, whether its color or elasticity or others. Some manufacturers prefer specific types, as they are good in making their designs. While others prefer to wait till the customer chooses his preferred type, then they use it on their design.


Wood is used to make the base chassis of the set, but the wooden sofa set designs are always based on other materials; which form the cushions and the paddings. These materials vary from cloth, fibers and leather. Each one of them has its own fans who require it, while others come built-in with the set. Cloth is the most commonly used material of them, as it has many types and it is easier to be colored. It is usually filled with cotton or fibers, and sometimes it can be filled with feathers. Leather is the least used material of them all, despiteits natural ability to resist water.

Overall Design

If we look at wooden sofa set designs, we will be able to categorize them in simple few types. These types include: traditional, corner, royal and carved. These are not all types of wooden sofa sets, but they are the commonly known ones. Traditional sets are made of plain wood, there are no carvings or special manufacturing tricks; mainly blocks of wood assembled together to form the set. Royal and carved sets both have carvings on the wooden sets, mainly on the back of the main three persons’ sofa and the arms of the individual two chairs.