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Burgundy Curtains for Living Room

Burgundy Curtains for Living Room

Burgundy curtains for living room – Thick or thin, made of velvet or linen, the curtain adorns the windows, but not only! The curtain design is a real decorative trump card and sets the tone for the room to make it warm, lush, refreshing, cozy or even minimalist. Simple or patterned, to match your couch and your cousins, or in contrast to the rest of the decoration, the curtain itself to set the mood chosen.

The linen curtain is available in 24 colors, from the most neutral to the most colorful ones like pink and orange. It makes it possible to filter the light to create a soft and warm atmosphere, a muted strand in the room. Without furniture, it is suitable for all interiors to create a neutral decoration, but also to allow decorative fantasies with pillows and more original accessories.

The striped curtain in beige and brown, half linen, half polyester, is ideal for adding height to your windows. It is also equipped with pink for a little softness, blue for sea spirit and black for more intensity in the room. Its striped patterns are sure to create an optical illusion to enlarge your interior without moving the walls! This photo print curtain is made of 100% cotton and will delight all Scandinavian design enthusiasts who love the spirit of nature. His wooden wood motif endlessly repeated the rhythm space to create a universe that is cozy at the same time, with the presence of wood and full of vigor, with the accumulation of the drawing. Combine a Nordic-inspired decor with neutral colors and cozy materials. Gray curtains for a maroon living room,

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