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Creating a Clutter-free room with Bedroom storage

Creating a Clutter-free room with Bedroom storage

A bedroom should be a place of serenity, where a person can disentangle  after a stressful day after so much hard work and relax while getting inspiration for days to come. But in reality we observe clothes draped over chairs, pillows cramping your style, piles of spare shirts. Thus, there is a need to think ahead. It’s highly possible that one might start avoiding the bedroom if there is a constant battle between cluttering and disorganization. However, by making a few alterations one can use bedroom storage ideas to create the illusion of increased space and tranquility.

Tips for a spacious and inviting bedroom:

  • Choose build in wall shelves over free standing shelves and tables.
  • Select beds with storage space beneath the mattress.
  • Use the gaps with the stands on the walls, to store items like photo frames, books etc.
  • Build aisles close to the ceilings, to store items that are not required frequently.
  • Wardrobe is perhaps the most important storage piece. Built in wardrobes provides the great advantage of storage from floor to ceiling.
  • The space above a free standing wardrobe can be used for stacking storage boxes and in similar fashion space underneath may be useful for shoes and small accessories.
  • A flexible, modular shelving system can be used if a fresh look to the bedroom is desirable by rearranging the modules time and time again.
  • Corner shelving are also considered to be a great option to capitalize the small spaces.