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Designing Living Room Accent Wall with Brown Furniture

Designing Living Room Accent Wall with Brown Furniture

Furniture is traditionally brown. There are tens of brown shades which look fantastic in furniture. But when you come to decorate the accent wall behind your main piece of furniture you need to consider colors and styles that suit the prevailing brown.

Today we will have a look at different options for designing living room accent wall with brown furniture.


There are several colors that beautifully match or contrast brown shades. But not all brown shades match with the same colors. For example, shades of purple go with light brown. Teal also accentuates your brown furniture. With dark chocolate brown furniture go for white or off-white, especially if it is leather furniture. This can create a striking contrast that attracts the vision.


Art pieces, oil paintings, wall hangings, tapestries, and collages have very different effects on the environment. You can choose a modern style art piece for your modern style brown furniture. But oil paintings and vintage wall hangings look great with your traditional brown sofa or couch.


The size of your accent wall and the size of art choices you display on it matters a lot. If you have a large sofa, choose to accent the wall that suits the size of your sofa. Also, the size of the art choices should be matching the overall size of the furniture and the wall. Do not go for a largely detailed big tapestry for a small wall as it will minimize the wall’s effects.

These three tips are the key points to keep your accent wall perfectly matching with your brown furniture.