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Elegance at your door step with black and white rugs

Elegance at your door step with black and white rugs

Rugs are the focal point of the interior o any room. They are available in a number of styles and designs where each one is made to match your mood and home interior.

Among the varied designs of rugs, one style looks the most elegant and that ar the rugs in black and white color combination. This blank and white contrast is the most popular combinations that is appreciated in almost everything. The prints and styles may differ but with the same color contrast these black and white rugs are always paid extra attention from the experts of interior designing.

No matter wherever these black and white rugs are placed, they always bring the brightly lighted room to the shabby chic-style room. Following are some of the styles in black and white rugs.


BLACK AND WHITE STYLE:                      

This back and white striped style is also known as the zebra print. This cool style gives the room a beautiful blend of light and dark shade that perfectly matches multiple color schemes.


This safari print style is very much popular in young boys and with an awesome blend of black and white shades, these reflect a perfect décor for a boy’s room. This black and white rug safari style symbolizes the zebra or rhino and will look perfect if a rhino stuffed head is fixed on the wall of the room. It is recommended that the black and white contrast of these rugs is an effective source of stimulating babies.


Mostly a black and white rug is designed to reflect the black and white stripes present on the zebra, tiger, cow hide or snake skin. These thrilling printed rugs are much appreciated by the youngsters and they prefer to decorate their room with these animal skin printed black and white rugs. Give a kick-back to your desires for adventure and hunting by decorating your rooms with these black and white rugs.


Another outstanding style in black and white rugs is snow stopping printed rugs. These rugs give a dynamic look to an ash white painted room and add a touch of class to the place where these rugs are decorated.


Apart from other designs these zigzag printed rugs give the room a contemporary impression. They can add more to the beauty of the room if the place or room is attributed with white sofa sets along with black cushions. For extra décor a large painting with black and white combination is recommended.