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Hall Runners – Adding a Finishing Touch

Hall Runners – Adding a Finishing Touch

Hall runners or carpet runners are long, narrow, and rectangular shaped rugs that are often placed in a long narrow space. They help in preventing floor damage and accidents due to slippage.  While choosing a carpet runner, it’s extremely important that the style and design of the runner should complement the decor, furniture and the rest of the house.

Factors like size of the house or the hall, foot traffic that the area receives, and the occasion or the use of the hall, influence the carpet purchasing decision.  Hall runners can be purchased from specialized retail stores when looking for a particular specialty, or from online marketplaces when looking for variety and fast delivery.  Here is a guide to factors one must essentially look into before purchasing a carpet runner:

  • Intended Purpose: Different purposes require different carpets, like, a slippery or wooden surface requires a non-slip bottom carpet, while a staircase requires carpets with specific material and professional installation. Sometimes, carpets are set up only to make the area look classy.
  • Measurement: Carpets are generally in 1:5 ratio. They should never be wall to wall; however, the amount of space to be left on both sides of the carpet is based on personal preferences. Also, if a runner is being placed in front of the door, enough space must be left so that it doesn’t obstruct the opening of the door.
  • Style: Styles can range from traditional to contemporary and from simple to intricate. The style of the carpet, should always compliment the interiors.
  • Fabric: Consider the features and benefits of various fabrics before buying. One can opt for fabrics like cotton, nylon, sisal and wool, for heavy use carpets.