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Having The Best Wall Shelf

Having The Best Wall Shelf

Sometimes we have a lot of items that needs to be stored, but we simply do not have the space to do that task. The best way to this is to mount a wall shelf and put these items on it, this way you will do the task without having to buy extra storage. Shelves can be used to store important stuff, and at the same time it can be used as a decorative item. With the right size and the perfect light system, you can have a museum like display show for your beloved items. You can do it yourself, or you can get someone to do it for you if you are not familiar with this kind of work.

Ordinary Shelves

An ordinary wall shelf can be used to store normal items and stuff, like clothes and cosmetics. It can be placed in any room in the house according to your needs, and they require no special material or design. You just have the board that is the shelf and the holders, and then you can put anything on it. Bathroom shelves are also very important, they can hold your everyday life items like toothbrushes and personal care products. Shower shelves are also located in the bathroom, and they usually hold the bathing products that you need in there.

Display Shelves

Display wall shelf is basically a decorative item, where you put small statues or monuments for decoration purposes. In this case, they require special design and lighting to signify the displayed items. Display shelves are usually made of glass or artistically painted wood. These shelves can also hold china and other displayable items, and mainly can be used for this purpose. The lighting in this condition is a very important factor in the display process, it can be over the shelves or beneath them. The lighting system can be done by a professional if you want it to be done right.


The wall shelf material depends on its purpose and where it is going to be, normally we find that ordinary shelves are made of wood. As they require no special feature for holding clothes and these types of normal stuff. On the other hand, bathroom shelves are made of glass in order not to be affected by water or humidity. It is also common to be merged with stainless steel additions as decoration, this customary and it has been going for decades now. Display shelves are usually made from a combination of wood and glass, wood can be carved and painted in a proper way for the displayed items. Glass in this case may help with light reflections and system, which can be utilized in a very good way.