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How to clean vinyl flooring?

How to clean vinyl flooring?

Vinyl laminate and tile flooring is durable, long-lasting and attractive. Cleaning vinyl flooring is an inexpensive process and fairly straightforward. With proper care, these can be maintained appropriately to exude an appearance that is eye-catching.

General cleaning tips

The first and foremost thing to do is to try to minimize the stains, abrasions and the dirt. With time, the dust and dirt can degrade and wear down the finish. The best thing to do is to place a good quality area rug or a doormat in front of the doorways to keep grime and grit away. Whenever planning to move furniture, it is best to use panelling or a sheet of plywood underneath to avoid tears or scuff marks in the flooring. You can as well consider using vinyl coasters under the legs of the furniture and your feet to safeguard against indentations.       Plain water and sponge has to be used while cleaning vinyl flooring. It is a good idea to wipe the spills as quickly as possible. Moping frequently with plain water must also be considered.

Intensive cleaning tips

  1. To remove the dirt accumulated on the surface, use a dry mop before wet cleaning.
  2. Apple cider vinegar is one of the best cleansers that can be used for cleaning vinyl floors. The acidity of the solution can remove grime and dirt with leaving any wax of soap build up.
  3. Consider adding liquid dish wash soap to a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water if the floor is extremely dirty.
  4. Baby oil can be added to the cleaning mixture for adding shine to the vinyl floors.
  5. For removal of food stains, a paste of water and baking soda can be used to rub the stains.
  6. You can also consider using nylon bristle brush to remove any traces of stains.
  7. Alcohol can be rubbed to remove hair dye, ink stains or lipsticks.
  8. Nail polish stains can be removed with acetone.

Things to avoid while cleaning vinyl flooring

  1. Don’t use a beater bar attachment while vacuuming vinyl flooring
  2. Don’t use scrubbers that are highly abrasive
  3. Don’t use detergents or paste wax on the flooring
  4. Ammonia cleaning solutions should be avoided as these can cause cracks or break down the material

With a little amount of caring, vinyl flooring can withstand years of use without losing their charm.