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Kitchen Color Schemes for a Classy Environment

Kitchen Color Schemes for a Classy Environment

Is it time to paint your kitchen? Well, painting of walls, windows and doors of your kitchen is a tricky phase of home décor which may not let you at peace for quite a time. Take some time to imagine the whole kitchen with certain colors and plan well before you embark on  new idea in practice. It is best that you paint a kitchen on paper with your favorite paints and have a look at them to see how your kitchen may look in real life.

You can choose warm and bold colors like green, red, orange and purple but remember that kitchen is already a warm place and you need to create cool effects with paints so that the environment becomes comfortably cool. Keep the roof always white. It is classy and throws an aura of cleanliness in the place. Walls can be painted in two different cool shades. The opposite walls with two opposite colors look classy.

All-white kitchen is also a great idea as it creates brightness in the environment. The early morning hours in a white kitchen are great as the milky white hue of a new day in the clean white kitchen brightens you up for a great day ahead.

Light colors like gray, cool green, sky blue, pearl pink and hazy cream are best for kitchen walls, doors and windows. The cabinets and island can be of a different color, contrasting your window paint and door color. Complete the kitchen color scheme with proper curtains, lighting and the furniture.