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Kitchen Lighting Design for Modern and
  Classic Themes

Kitchen Lighting Design for Modern and Classic Themes

You can illuminate your kitchen with ample lighting if you choose LED lighting because they help you save energy. The lighting fixtures now come in a wide variety –thanks to the modern technology. You have tens of ways to illuminate the space in your kitchen and make it an eye soothing place for you to cook and work.

You can create a classic kitchen lighting design for your traditional kitchen.  The first thing you choose for this kitchen are pendant lights above the island and even if you do not have an island, pendant lights in the middle of the ceiling add texture to the room at both times when they are on and off.  Pendant lights come in many different designs. You can choose chunky fixtures for a big room or fixtures more in number if they are smaller.

Pot lights are a hallmark of modern kitchens. Kitchen lighting design with pot lights looks appealing especially when the lights are arranged in a formation that highlights the overall kitchen décor. You can take a look at the following images where the pendant lights and pot lights are used in a nice way to decorate the kitchen brightly.

Kitchen lighting design needs to focus on two issues: brightening the upper cabinets and the stove, and illuminating the whole room without leaving there any dark corner. So, whatever design theme you choose for your kitchen, make sure that you keep these two issues in mind. If your chosen theme accomplishes these two, you have a kitchen lighting design.

LED lights are white which is more illuminating than the yellow lights. If your kitchen is designed with white or any other bright light shade, do not pick yellow shade kitchen lighting design. It will mar the whole décor. So make your choice of lighting fixtures wisely and enjoy a bright working space.