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Kitchen Table Chairs

Kitchen Table Chairs

How one build a kitchen table chairs. There are many patterns for a kitchen table. This is a simple, inexpensive small table that seats two.


Cut four legs about 35 cm long from 2 × 2 pieces of wood. Get a piece of wood that measures 2 feet by 2 m. X 3/4 inches thick for the tabletop. Sand wood with light sandpaper until all sharp edges are gone and flat surfaces are smooth to the touch. Buy 8 L-shaped metal brackets that are 2 inches long on each branch of “L.” Get a package of 1-inch-long size 8 wood screws. Screw a bracket onto each leg. Place the holder on the end of the leg so that the bend of the holder matches the end of the piece of wood. Rotate the leg 90 degrees and screw in a second bracket. Repeat with each leg. Get a couple of screws 1/4 to 2/1 inches shorter than the thickness of the table kitchen.

Place the tabletop upside down on the floor. Place a table leg on the corner of the table with the bracket facing down. Align the edge of the leg with the edge of the tabletop. Hold the bracket on the tabletop and screw one of the screws through the hole in the bracket. Screw the other bracket into the table top. Repeat with all four legs. Shake the table to control the movement. Color or stain the table any color. Let it dry overnight before using the table chair kitchen.