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Modern Bedroom Vanity

Modern Bedroom Vanity

The cabinet gives everyone an elegant and classic look Modern bedroom vanity. Converting an agency into a bedroom vanity can be an easy task once you know what to do. This project involves removing the top of the dresser, adjusting the drawers around the plumbing, and installing a new vanity top on the dresser.


Remove the upper bedroom vanity. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the front of the drawer from the bottom of the drawer. Using wood glue and small screws (that don’t protrude through the drawer front), attach the box from the inside of the dresser directly to the base of the dresser. This can be tricky so you may want to wait for the beginning of the agency to be removed. Unscrew the wooden board from the dresser. The screws are on the inside of this chest of drawers. If the top doesn’t bolt on, you may need to use a jigsaw to cut off the top dresser.

Rub white chalk on sink plumbing wall. Have a partner gently press the agency against plumbing. This will “mark” the dresser and let you see where the installation holes need to be cut. Use a properly sized drill bit and hole saws to cut holes for installation. Install the sink and vanity on top of the dresser. Attach a small sealing cord to the top of the dresser. Place the Modern Vanity top on top of the seal. Let the sink and faucet dry and install. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install the sink and faucet. Connect the sink to the pipes in the wall. Modern washbasin for bedrooms,

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