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Nice Small Living Room Ideas with Tv

Nice Small Living Room Ideas with Tv

space small living room ideas with tv Maybe not something you think about every day, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to think about it in such depth. We have therefore compiled the funniest photos from the work of a large number of experts to give you beautiful TV ideas for small spaces. Enjoying your TV depends not only on the TV itself, but also on the sofa or chair you are watching. That’s no problem in this nice, comfortable corner!

Do you have an open living room but still want to create a small separate room? This is not a problem with a room screen or other room divider. Ideal for placing the TV behind it. Don’t you have enough space for a separate bookcase? Then turn your TV cabinet into a bookcase! A nice combination, especially if you can handle it as stylishly as here and let the television disappear from view.

With a special design like this one, there is almost nothing wrong with artistic challenges. Or is it a bit too conspicuous a whole? After a screen and a room divider, we can show you something else: half a wall! Also certainly not a bad idea to apply

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