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Painting Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Painting Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Rework Modern kitchen cabinets offer an outdated kitchen with an immediate facelift. There is no need to pay a professional to create a quality professional job. With careful preparation, it is possible to revise the kitchen cabinet on a weekend.

Remove hardware

Before you begin, remove all hardware. It contains handles and hinges from kitchen cabinets. Use a low setting drill bit or a standard screwdriver to complete the task. It might seem like an unnecessary step, but the hardware can withstand being repainted. Take the opportunity to clean the hardware.

Remove doors

With the doors removed, put them on sawhorses or old chairs. When painting modern kitchen cabinets, make sure they are horizontal to avoid drips and floors. Either remove the drawer fronts or help them paint. Let the paint dry for 24 hours before hanging it up. Number of drawers and doors, so it makes sense to put them back in after drying.

Use good quality brushes and rollers

While it is possible to rent a spray gun from a hardware store, spray painting is messy and requires technology for a professional finish. Instead, choose good quality brushes for a smooth glass finish. Purchase a 1.5-inch brush for detail work and a 2-inch brush for normal surfaces. Finish with two or three inch quality fuzzy rollers to smooth out the brushstrokes. Use the roller to apply the paint to the case bodies without dripping.