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Purple Bedroom Brings calmness and Love to Your Temper

Purple Bedroom Brings calmness and Love to Your Temper

What is the logic of bringing purple color in excess in bedroom? It is simple to understand! Purple is the combination of red and blue and that is why it contains both calmness form blue and love from red. These to sensations are essential ingredients of successful life of anyone. If you love and can maintain a clam temper you can gain what others cannot. That is why purple bedroom is one of the top best themes for the bedrooms.

To obtain the deep and everlasting effects of purple, you have to make the combinations in your bedroom of all the shades of purple – dark, light, red-purple, blue-purple, bright purple etc. There are other color shades that make purple look brighter and more beautiful. These are white, pale grey or green. You can make different combinations but keep purple dominant and more obvious. Other shades can be added minimally.

Wall paint in two different shades of purple in the form of stripes looks cool and white floral details on the purple background of the walls look classy. What suits your bedroom depends on the setting of your bed and other furniture items. Keep the most precious items to you in the bedroom purely purple because purple communicates sense of value.

In bright bedrooms dark purple gives rich and warm effects. If you have two or more windows, keep the curtains and bed sheets in pleasingly dark purple. Walls and rugs also in purple shade give the right vibes but bring some blend of light purple on the walls to add personality to your room.