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Quality Black And White Rug just for you.

Quality Black And White Rug just for you.

Rug is a thick fabric for covering part of a floor, mostly woven of wool and often has an oblong shape with a border design.It is almost present in every house, i.e. in different shape, colors and designs.

Black and White rug is a kind of rug. It is different from other rugs not only because of colors, though, but also because of its history and popularity. According to a survey there is one or more than one rug in every 4th house in the world and 5 out of 10 are Black and White rugs. Rugs have become an integral and important part of interior decoration of houses in every part of the world. At first it was only found in Asian and Arab countries, but by the passage of time it has spread all across the world. And with its expansion all across the world rugs have not only helped in adding up to the beauty of the houses, but its expansion has reduced unemployment and given the industry an another dimension which is leading towards prosperity all over the world.

Rugs are of different types and all are associated with different cultures. Carpets and rugs have a rich culturalhistory; similarly there is a very interesting and funny history and reason behind the popularity of the Black and White rugs over the decades. Before the 1900’s when trading was at its peak, the trading of rugs and carpets of all colors and kinds were equally famous, but in the 1900’s when TV was introduced to the worldwhich was in only two colors Black and White then.

It has been mentioned in many History books that back then when TV was introduced not many people could afford it only the rich people could and those rich people used to get inspired by the TV shows from around the world and then they used to change their lifestyle according to it. Like copying their clothes style, their way of living and their house interiors. As TV was Black and White then therefore mostly rich people would had Black and White rugs and carpets so as to match it to the one they used to see on TV. The middle class or other class people would use to get inspired by the rich people and they used to look up to them and follow their lifestyle and from they’re on the popularityof Black and White rug reached its peak. It is still popular though, but not as much as it used to be in the 1900’s

The story of popularity of Black and White Rug might sound strange but it’s true and logical. Now-a-days not only Black and White rugs are trending but its other colors are trendingtoo. This was a little information about the history of rugs , if you want to beautify your home then the addition of a rug is ideal.